Gray & Associates is a consulting practice that focuses on helping for-profits and non-profits increase their market share, service capacity, and revenue. We believe that diversity & inclusion training and programs, strategic marketing, advertising, public/media relations, along with leadership development, talent management, and workforce engagement create strong successful and sustainable organizations. 


We help to build diversity & inclusion programs, membership services, brand strategy integration, change management, customer, membership, volunteer relationships and direct action advocacy programs. We design social, digital, video and mobile conversations to increase market share. We train, manage and measure Immigration marketing programs, diversity/inclusion initiatives, grassroots, community-building programs to drive revenue and volume growth.


We provide innovative education, health, HR training, and workforce development programs that provide real-time gains for an organization's brand and reputation. We have helped clients design and maintain successful Corporate Responsibility Programs, CSR, and non-profits with strategic thinking, financially sound, and measurable initiatives to achieve targets.


Our services include:


Alumni Affairs

Areas, Networks, and Zones Investments

Brand Reputation Solutions

Capacity Building

Cause Marketing

Change Management

Civic Engagement Programs

Community Engagement

Consumer Authenticity

Corporate Social Responsibility

Customer Relationship Management

Direct Action Initiatives

Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Donor Communications

Elementary, Middle, and High School Programs

Employee Training

Employee Volunteer Initiatives

Enterprise Collaboration

Environmental Initiatives

Evaluation and Performance Measurement

Financial Literacy Programs

Foundation Relationships

Fund Raising

Grant Making

Grant Seeking

Government Relationship


Membership Services & Program Management

Public Relations and Public Affairs

Research and Program Measurement

Risk Management

Scholarship Administration

Schools, School Groups, and Volunteers

Social Media, Video, Digital and Mobile Conversations

Strategic Cloud Alignments, and Innovation Big Data Strategies

Target Market Media, PR, and Advertising

Volunteer and Board Development

Women, Youth, and Family Initiatives

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